Sunday, 4 April 2010

Corporate Security Team

Attached to all Krupp, Skoda and Siemens (KSS) colonial installations are corporate security. Often these corporate security teams are made up of former military personnel, but just as often these teams consists of wash-outs or former shoppingmall security officer. The more remote the colony, the higher the risk of the security teams being of low quality. The corporate security team on Neu Habsburg consists of a mix of a few ex-military types, but most are newly recruited men and women seeking fortune on a newly colonised planet.

The corporate security team have been painted in Hormagaunt purpule and given a Leviathan purple wash, followed by a Hormagaunt purpled drybrush. I had to sculpt a cap on to the head of some in the security team, to get some variety from the GZG minis I have. Painting them was pretty easy, and the detail on the GZG miniatures was good. I must admit that I like GW's washes, as they are simple to use and they look very good when finished.

The team will be expanded upon and I am thinking of giving them one or two wheeled MAWP's with an autocannon or a plasma cannon. Although they are equipt with non-military personal weaponry, I imagine them having some high grad support weapon. The KSS can after all affored some good kit, at least to be used in case of emergency. The corporate security team will also be expanded and get some more members.

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