Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Explorers, Space Pirates and Adventurers

Finished a bunch of mini's a while back. I am going to use them for different settings in a variety of rolls. The three minis up front can be used as explorers, space pirates and adventurers in almost any sci-fi or post-apocalyptic setting. However, I can only see the three in the back used in a post-apocalyptic setting. The six miniatures will be used as a Kasr Station Exploration Patrol for my Mutants and Death Ray Guns (MDRG) post-apocalyptic setting.

The second mini from the right is 'Mike' in my Tuffleverse setting. Mike is a freelance trader and adventurer with a knack for computers and technical stuff, luckily he also knows how to use his automatic rifle. The miniature is a GZG Ravager, a very nice sculpt. Unfortuneatly, the picture doesn't do the mini justice, but I will post a better one a little bit later on. I am specially pleased with the back of his coat. The coat was painted Calthan brown and given a heavy Badab black wash. In a Traveller setting he will be used as a space pirate/free trader.

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