Saturday, 5 June 2010


In preparation for what will hopefully be this summers campaign I have painted 4 Ground Zero Games (GZG) miniature colonists. Having found myself constantly refering to the miniatures as having a nice finish and good detail, I don't know what else to say because that's what they are. I tried to paint them in earth colours to make them look more like colonists living in farmlands rather than in a larger settlement.

The minis were painted with my standard 15mm miniature painting technique: 1) a basecoat of a foundation paint, 2) a appropriate wash to create a shadow, 3) a lighter colour drybrushed as a highlight and 4) a gloss varnish and matt varnish to protect the miniature. I usually paint with GW paints, but has recently bought some Vallejo Game colours. I rather like the bottles, which will make mixing a lot easier.

The plans for the summer is to run a narrative campaign in the Tuffleverse using the Flying Lead rules. I only have to finish my Kra'vak strikeforce. I've got a new P3 red ink to try out, I'm contemplating whether to use that instead of the red wash on the Kra'vak armour. I wonder if the colonists can hold their own against the aliens.

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