Saturday, 5 June 2010

WW1 Austro-Hungarians and Germans

It's been a while since the last post. I havn't done much painting, but a few miniatures are finished since last. I have focused on painting up two squads of WW1 soldiers. My favourites, Austro-Hungarians, and some Germans too. The Peter Pig miniatures are really well produced with great detail and different poses. I ordered these and some Belgians a while back and I am very pleased with the miniatures. But it makes me angry to read on Peter Pig's website that their miniatures have been counterfeited. It is sad that a small industry and hobby has to put up with this. If someone made their own copies of miniatures from the large corporation that take outragous prices I couldn't care less. But in this case it is a small company that has some very good prices and that give you good value for your money. It's sad and just plain wrong.

When I read about it I decided to paint my Austro-Hungarians and Germans to show just how good their miniatures are. The Austro-Hungarians are painted with an Astronomican grey basecoat, followed by my traditional wash, this time Asurman blue, and then drybrushed with Space Wolf Grey. I like the pose of the Austro-Hungarian Officer as well as his mustasch, which I find to look very much like Emperor Franz Josephs.

I can't remember whether or not i basecoated the Germans in Adeptus Battlegrey of Astronomican grey, but I think it was Battlegrey. They were then washed with Badab black and given a Codex grey drybrush to finish them off. All the minis have been given a gloss varnish coat and waiting for their matt varnish when i photographed them.

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