Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Converting and Painting Survey Expedition Arctos

One of my initial Sci-fi projects is Survey Expedition Arctos. The scientific expedition consists of a couple of explorers and scientist set on surveying an arctic region of a newly colonised planet. As of yet it is undecided if the team is going to be sent to survey the northern pole of Neu Habsburg or if they are going to be sent on a pre-colonisation phase survey of the iceplanet XZD-6897, maybe both...

The team is made up of 6 miniatures all of which are from the GZG range. All of them has been modified to fit into an arctic or at least winter environment. The conversions are pretty simple, but being that they still are some of my first ones I am happy with the result.

The miniatures have been painted in an individual colour scheme to personalize them. The expeditionary team consists of free-lance scientist not affiliate with any university, but rather for hire by a corporation. Which corporation will change depending on setting, I can imagene them both in the Tuffleyverse and in a Traveller setting, probably in the Spinward Marches in the vincinity of the Sword Worlds and Darrian Confederation.

A Surveyor II will be added as their transport vehicle in a flashy scientist orange colour. That way there will be no doubt about them shining on an all white snowy ground. A perfect target for space pirates in a nearby hideout, landing Kra'vak forces, Sword Worlder gunrunners or anything else that might be lurking under the icecap....


  1. I do like what you have done with these figures. They look very good. Hope to see more pictures of what you have done.

  2. Thank you! I must say that I am very pleased with them. Got the idea while I was on a skiing vacation. I will be posting more picture, hopefully later on today. Will also update on the progress of team Arctos, but that's a bit further ahead.