Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It's all about the brush

It still amazes me how important the brush is when your painting. This evening my painting has centred on the faces and hands of my Neu Habsburg Colonial Militia and Imorian Crimson Rebels. Applying a simple Tallarn flesh basecoat, an Ogryn flesh wash followed by a drybrush of Tallarn flesh turns out to take all evening, although I only have 23 faces to paint.

The quality and speed of your painting is strongly dependent on the point of the brush. Even though I know this, I always find myself painting with the same brush for far to long after I should have replaced it. Today is one of those days when the brush needs to get replaced. After finishing the faces and hands on the 23 miniatures I threw away the brush on the left and replaced it with the one on the right.

Knowing that it was a while since I went through all my brushes, I decided to do just that. The brushes I have saved... A tip to all miniature painters out there: Make sure you take a good look at your brushes on a regular basis and throw away the really bad ones. Three of the brushes I found in my hobby tools box were the sadest sight. The left brush is a detail brush, the middle a small drybrush and, my personal favourite, the one on the right is a fine detail brush. Yes, you are right, there isn't a single straw on the brush and still I have saved it. One could definitely wonder why I have save it... I certainly wonder why. Well, these brushes are history.

Got to get back to my painting now.

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