Saturday, 27 February 2010

Imorian Crimson Rebel colour scheme

The Crimson Rebels are gathering. According to Imperial Intelligence the Imorian Crimson Rebels under command of Zakir the Mighty are wearing dark deep red robes and a brighter red armour. So far no reports have indicated where they are gathering or what their intentions are. There intentions will hopefully become known in my next game of Laserburn.

For my Crimson Rebels I have adopted a red colour painting scheme. Went for a Mechrite red basecoat for the robes, armour and boots. Gave the armour and boots 2nd coat of Ruby red. The boots looked wired so I changed them into Astronomican grey and gave them a Badab black wash. I like to focus my painting on washes followed by highlights, as my other painting techniques aren't up to the standard I'd like. Got a lot of inspiration for using washes from Dropship Horizon.

Anyway, continuing with the painting. After the red basecoat the robes were washed twice with Baal red wash. Although I have grown a bit tired of GW games, they do make very good paints and washes. The foundation paints are excellent as basecoats or as the base when mixing a coat. Furthermore their washes are very easy to use and give a very good result. The robes were also given a light higlight of Mechrite red, after the wash had dried.

The armour was, after being painted Ruby red, given an Astronomican grey highligt followed by a double Baal red wash. Was trying to get very light red areas on the armour. It didn't give the finish I hoped for, so I think I'll try using a Skull White highlight instead on the next miniature. The weapon was given a simple Badab black wash on the bare metal. Quite a handy little way of giving the weapon a metallic look.

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