Sunday, 7 March 2010

Belgian Black Devils

On August 4 1914 German forces entered Belgium, executing the wide left hook of the 'Schlieffen Plan' in an attempt to out-flank the French fortresses along the Franco-German border. The Belgians also relied on forts to keep them safe, but after they would eventually fall as the Imperial German army brought up heavy artillery. But the germans would also face another formidable enemy in during their short campaing through Belgium. The country had one regiment of sharpshooters, the Carabiniers who's Black greatcoat earned them the nickname 'Black Devils'.
The Belgian army in 1914 has always seemed interesting to collect and play with. I particularly like their Carabinier and also their Minerva armoured cars. With the release of Flying Lead I feel that I have to give WW1 a try in 15mm. Since Flying Lead only uses few miniatures and have vehicle rules it offered me a perfect oppertunity (or excuse) to paint up some 15mm Belgians and Germans.

I have started painting the Black Devils. The uniforms turned out to be easy to paint, since they are mostly black. I gave the minis a black undercoat and mostly a Chaos black basecoat, except the trouses, which i painted Adeptus Battlegrey. Washed the entire model in Badab black. Finished the entire mini off with a light highlight of Adeptus Battlegrey.

Now I only have to get som Bouche painted and then I am ready to try out the Flying Lead rules... oh I might need to varnish the miniatures and get there bases done to. I might unfortuneatly take some time. Hopefully I'll have an After Action Report up on the blog...not sure whether it'll be Sci-fi or WW1.

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