Sunday, 21 March 2010

NSL Jagers

Started painting these Neu Swabian League (NSL) Jagers this morning, while watching Stargate SG-1. Took all day to finish them, but I am pretty pleased with them. Gave them a Gretchin green basecoat, Thraka green wash followed by Orkhide shade camoflauge pattern. I then gave the uniform a light drybrush of Gretchin green. The Jagers have been given a black hat, which is the traditional hat of the NSL Jagers. I like their hats, which gives them a unique and very germanic look. All in all they are some nice miniatures, I like the design.

The 5 Jagers are to be used in my first game of Flying Lead. I'll pit them against a small squad of Saeed Khalifate mercenaries. I painted the mercenaries a while back, but havn't got any pictures of them yet. I'll post a few pictures during the week. I have used GZG Islamic Federation (IF) infantry as the Saeed Khalifate mercenaries supported by Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) produced power armor. Hade to use IF and ESU as Saeed Khalifate, since GZG doesn't do Khalifates in 15mm.

If all goes according to plan the battle will be fought next weekend. I am looking forward to trying out Flying Lead. Although the game is designed for a modern setting, it's also applicable to near future gaming. The Weapons bulider and Squad builder on the Ganesha website,, is simple to use, and makes it possible to design weapons of the future.

Since all Ganesha games use the same core mechanic most of the special rules from other settings will be usefull in a Sci-fi setting. But for my first game, I'll just stick to the basic rules and similar forces, to learn the game. For later games I'll paint up an entire platoon as a recon unit for the the 487th Raums Stosstruppen. I just have to make some decision on whether or not the Jagers will have vehicles.


  1. Nice job on the Jaeger. Mine have a GW Terracotta based uniform colour with GW Dark Angel green camo pattern.

    Given that they're light infantry, they might use the GZG High Mobility Wheeled vehicles like V15-21A Phalanx for rapid deployment. Alternatively, the new V15-80A AV7 'Fan-van' could allow them to seize an objective quickly, like US Air Cavalry in Vietnam.

    I suppose it depends on how 'hi-tech' the Raums Stosstruppen are as a unit - the Recon element may deliberately go lower tech as they can more easily effect repairs on wheeled vehicles than on grav vehicles, for example.

    I thought that the Saeed Kalifate were an IF splinter group? IF equipment and uniforms should work well, with a scattering of SG15-C1 Colonial Militia could make a nice mix.

  2. Your right about the Saeed Khalifate, I am just hoping that GZG produces a line of miniatures for all the 'nations' in the Tuffleverse. Free CalTex are a 'splinter' group from NAC, and they got their own line of minis. Given that 15mm minis are reasonably priced it is possible to collect several armies/battlegroups. So the more variation on sci-fi infantry minis the better! :-)

    I was thinking along the lines of the Phalanx or the GZG 8-wheeler. One option would be Old Crow's Dragoon Halftrack of Claymore Heavy APC.

    More to come on the Raums Stosstruppen, but I imagine them being a planetary assault force of the NSL, deploying planetside by grav vehicles. The Jaegers are going to be used as an infiltrating force, deployed before the main assault.