Monday, 15 March 2010

Mercenaries and Scientists in Arctic Gear

I painted these miniatures a while back. They are to be used both in the Tuffleyverse as a Scandinavian Federation (ScanFed) mercenary unit and as artic gear troops in most other game settings. I like what GZG has done in making the miniatures. I do however think, that the line of ScanFed minis has to be expanded if they are to become a seperate faction. Furthermore, the ScanFed minis has to be given non-artic gear otherwise they risk being confined to only one type of gameboard. Saying that I do want to stress that I really like them in artic gear.

It is acually their artic gear that gave me an idea for a campaign, out of which the Survey Expedition Arctos was born. The survey team is now also complete, although I had some problems with creating their bases. Now I ony have to complete their vehicle.

The ScanFed is known for their high quality mercenaries in the Tuffleyverse. This particular squad are apart of the mercenary company Heimdall's Spear. Currently they aren't hired by any employer. They have just finished a contract for Krupp, Skoda & Siemens (KSS) providing security for their corporate colony. As a part of their former contract with KSS they have been given the opportunity to conduct arctic training on Neu Habsburg for a maximum of 3 months. It is a win-win situation, KSS gets to have troops on the ground almost for free. Heimdall's Spear gets to conduct training in an arctic environment, enjoy R&R and has a 3 month free accomodation (stipulated by their former contract). It is only the Neu Swabian League representatives that are sceptical, since the agreement tilts the internal political balance towards KSS.

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