Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kra'vak Strike Force

Finished painting the first Kra'vak fist yesterday. I tried out a red colour scheme, that turned out to be very good. Started off with Mechrite red coat, followed by a heavy drybrush of Ruby red and a light drybrush of Skull white. After that I gave them a Baal red wash. All in all a very simple and effective way of painting the Kra'vak. I think I'll go for this colour scheme, as it will enable me to paint up several Kra'vaks quickly.


  1. That's a good painting guide. I've been wondering how to start my own Kra'Vak - the Powered Armour is easy, but the troopers have not inspired me yet.

  2. Hopefully my light version of a painting guide has helped to inspire you. The Kra'vak are som really nice minis. If you really want to find some inspiration for the Kra'vak I can recommend the Röthafen story. Thats what's given me some inspiration. I am even thinking of converting a high ranking leader for them...but that's a future project.